vrijdag 9 augustus 2013


I customized a 9mm firesteel. IMHO the Swedish "Light My Fire" brand is by far the best quality firesteel out there. I've tried a lot of different brands...If you buy one be sure it is the "ARMY" model, the smaller "Scout" is too small to be handy. The shower of sparks is better on the 9mm Army model.

I customized this one for myself. Not only because I like unique luxury items, but also because I wanted it be easy detachable when wearing it on a lanyard and easy to find when lost in the snow or dirt. Have you ever tried to find a green/black/brown item between leaves and dirt in the forest?

Also I added a mozaic pin to secure the quick release system to the firesteel itself. Everything is glued together with epoxy. The orange material is G10.

Hope you like it, I can make one for you too...


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