zondag 16 december 2012

Japanese Santoku

These must be the sharpest blades ever. These Santokus have a 18cm blade, stainless steel 19C27 core with 45 layers of stainless damascus steel hardened to HRC60. Upper part of blade is traditional Japanese hand hammered "Tsuchime" which helps separate food when cut.

Numero 1

Handle in striped Ebony, orange G10 & buffalo horn.

Numero 2

Handle in Grenadill & a Snakewood.

 If you need to cook "on location", impress your friends with this leather pouch. Topnotch vegetable tanned Spanish leather from Toledo, handpicked by me...

If you are interested in one of these Santoku knives, contact me (dimi.t.dfd@gmail.com).



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