vrijdag 25 mei 2012

Leather iPhone case


Yesterday I made myself a new iPhone case. 
Here are some pics;

donderdag 3 mei 2012

Tarp & hammock camping

A tarp & a hammock, to me that's the most flexible way to go hiking. Wet, soggy and uneven ground, not a problem. Pouring rain all day, no problemo. The fun goes on; cooking, chatting, reading, making a campfire, observing wild life. Camping with a tarp is by far the best way to tune into the environment. Apart from that, the idea of spending a night -or rainy day- stuffed in a tent with 2 other guys...
A hammock is pure comfort, it's as if you brought your comfortable tv sofa to the wild!

You better know these knots;

4. A "unknown" knot featured in this excellent pdf tutorial by      
Will Adams (aka Bushblade);tarp_hammock_pdf


Imagine waking up with a view like that!
A lake somewhere in Sweden, October 2011

New handles for machetes

A while ago I put new handles on 2 "Ontario" machetes. These are very good machetes, I use them a lot. I regrind them because the factory edge on them is very bad. Good quality steel though, it's 1095.

Yes, I know you can see my fingers on the pics...I guess I'm not too much of a talent when it comes to photography.